Iris 0.9.9 Crack With License Keygen Full Free Download

Iris 0.9.9 Crack With License Keygen Full Free Download

Iris 0.9.9 Crack is a useful software application, designed to protect your eyes from harmful effects of the computer screen. Along with filtering the blue light, this application will let you adjust the color, color temperature, and brightness to an optimal level that will suit your eyes the best. With Iris Pro, you can apply more complex color effects to the screen. Some screen effects can be helpful in case of color blindness. The available effects are Inversion, Grayscale, Negative Grayscale, Washout, Sephia, Protanopia, and many more.

Iris comes in very handy if you want to adjust the color as well as its temperature and brightness in order to ensure there is no room for eyestrain. To be more specific, the main window allows you to select from three different modes, namely automatic, manual, and paused. The automatic mode reacts in accordance with your local time and is capable of adjusting your screen’s settings in a way that makes it easier to look at.

Iris 0.9.9 Serial Keygen It is precisely this latter configuration that the manual mode relies on, letting you make the most of your computer screen especially if no direct light reaches you, and the need for high contrast is minimal. As for the paused mode, it obviously puts a halt to all the color changes implemented by the program, with the possibility of reverting to your configured calibration at any subsequent point. It is also worth mentioning that the application enables you to combine these three modes with any of the so-called types, which are nothing but thematic preset values you can use in order to protect your eyes.

Iris 0.9.9 Crack

The tabbed configurations in the advanced settings page are pretty awkward. A menu would have done a better job. Despite this, Iris allows you to calibrate the lighting and color settings for up to 4 monitors, and you can even change the font type. Change the strictness level if you want to follow the procedure without failure and enable sounds for sound reminders during rest times.

Iris comes up with an intuitive way of reducing the fatigue your eyes inevitably experience when spending too many hours in front of a PC. It helps you find the optimal configuration for your screen, without asking you to invest any effort into the entire matter, so regardless of your tech skills, you can rest assured you will fully benefit from its capabilities. This is also where you need to go in order to make sure the app does not intrude with your workflow, with the possibility of sending it to the systray, asking it to run at Windows startup, autosaving settings, using keyboards, and more.

Key Features of Iris Pro:

  • User Interface
  • Iris high and low-level Color APIs
  • Preserves perfect display calibration during the day
  • Manual Night duration
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Multiple monitors option support
  • Pause color changes when this software is running
  • Multiple Color temperature schemes – Magmus, Olaf, Iris, Groot
  • Color inversion and color effects
  • GDIPP, ClearType, and other font renderings

System Requirements:

  • Minimum: Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent CPU
  • RAM: minimum 2GB
  • Support for OpenGL 3.0
  • Minimum: 1600×900 resolution display
  • HDD: 1 GB or more for installation

How To Activate?

  • Download the app from the link below.
  • Replace the programme file with the patch download
  • Terminate the internet connection( Recommended)
  • Click on the Registration.

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